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Oct 9, 2011

Common Gods of Mankind


We are here with some mythical believes of supernatural being and the powers does not seem to possessed by human but its God.Thousands of years have been passed with something we couldn't understand from the very beginning of our race and we called them Lords from heaven.Our knowledge and the power we claim with in human reach has no match to them.They have weapons of destruction and creation both that can wipe out the entire human race within such a short time.

They have knowledge that they have given to us to create a better life and a better world around us.They lives in sky somewhere we can not even see or find them, yet we have such faith that they are living within as well in our hearts as in our souls.Every ancient culture of mankind has almost similar stories of Gods.From painted symbols in the caves to the written holy books.Where human has not yet been discovered the language came to know that someone is watching us visiting us time to time and passing the knowledge.And we started to worship them in different manners but the question still remains "Who are they ?"

to be written...
 Keep Spreading.

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